About Me


It's me, Kyle 👀

I'm the creator of Card Conjurer. I started playing Magic with an M14 deckbuilder's toolkit. I played 60-card casual games with several close friends, and when Khans of Tarkir was released we attended our first prerelease. As the years passed I got more and more into Magic and ultimately discovered Commander, which is the format I currently play.

During middle school I did some light programming with Processing and Lego's NXT/EV3, and halfway through high school I taught myself Javascript, HTML, and CSS (the languages that compose websites). Then, in the summer of 2018, I combined my love for Magic and curiosity for programming by creating Card Conjurer.

I initially wanted to make some Commander Achievement cards that looked like real Magic cards, so I decided to make a small web-based application to fill blank magic card images with text and mana symbols. It worked surprisingly well, and I soon began to expand on the original idea by adding more customization and more frames. By the end of summer break I decided to purchase the domain so I could share my program with the world. Since then I've remade the entire website from the ground-up four times, and am very pleased with its current state. While I don't plan on any major revisions, I will continue adding new frames and features.

I graduated high school in 2020, and because I had such a great time learning to code and discovering how much it could accomplish I decided to pursue programming. As of Fall of 2020, I've been attending CalPoly SLO majoring in Software Engineering.

Whether you'd like to see what I'm up to in the Magic world or take a look at some of the cards I've made with Card Conjurer, please consider taking a moment to check out my Twitter @ImKyle4815!